Curandero near me

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Curandero near me

Welcome To Curious Curandera! My Mission I feel that there is something here for everyone. In fact, this site is designed to provide spiritual guidance and tools for anyone on a spiritual quest or simply to help those that have need of my assistance. Please take some time to browse the different pages. Library Page Here you will find lots of free and paid articles and ebooks on various subjects such as Working with ancestors, spirit guides, prayers, blessings, tarot, spiritual baths, spiritual cleansings limpiasSaints, psychic development, and a lot more.

Services Page Here you will find the services that I offer to the public.


Spellwork, trabajos, rituals, card reading, energy clearing, spiritual consultations, spiritual cleansing of the home, business, and for real estate, and candle burning. Products Page Items on my website are all hand made by me, Concha.

I enjoy working with all types of material and artistic mediums. The items I make are works of love; the power they contain are works of spirit.Curanderos male and curanderas female are healers that use herbs and other natural and supernatural remedies to cure ailments. According to Mexican lore, peasants first turn to a curandero.

If that fails, they will seek a physician. Curanderos offer a mystical blend of healing arts that has inspired the confidence of rich and poor alike. Never underestimate the healing range of curanderos, who rely upon botanicas, herbal remedies. Curanderismo applies to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ailments. Curanderismo, spiritual healing art, is widely practiced in Mexico as well as other Hispanic countries.

But, curanderos date back to pre-Hispanic Indian shamanism. Contemporary curandero draw upon faith in the Virgin of Guadalupe who is believed to be the same as the more ancient Tonantzin, the mother goddess of Mesoamerican tribes. Many M. They recognize that modern medicine is devoid of any spirituality and, therefore, cannot bring about holistic healing.

Curanderos still rely upon the anicient Aztec healing rituals and methods. A curandero can specialize based on his don, his spiritual gift, granted by God. One curandera may be gifted with a knowledge of herbs. This hierbera or herbalist will know the healing properties of herbs and will commit her life to gaining advanced knowledge and experiential herbal healing.

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She will know the medicinal and the spiritual powers of herbs. A sobadoro relieves physical and emotional distress with massage. Consajeros are counselors who listen and guide those who seek direction in their lives.

Other dons include midwifery, chiropractors and those who can channel spirits. Curanderismo is holistic healing and strives to find and cure the causes as well as symptoms of any kind of illness.It all seemed too good to be true.

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A candle to bring me the love of my life? A prayer to bring me success? Tarot cards that would tell my future? The promises of the curandera struck me as absurd. Curanderos, or healers, practice a mix of Spanish, Native American, Greek and Arabic traditions dating to the Mayan and Incan civilizations. With a candle and a few prayers, curanderos say they can help people do everything from finding love to putting a little extra cushion in their checking accounts.

In Mexico, one usually finds curanderos working out of their homes in remote villages or small towns. In Los Angeles, one finds them in strip malls. Botanica de la Selva in Sylmar is sandwiched between a pizza place and a pharmacy in the block of Glenoaks Boulevard. The Sylmar shop is about the size of a living room. Shelves filled with herbs, spiritual books, religious figurines and glass candles line the walls.

The place smells as if somebody had been burning incense. Light it up and the man or woman of your desires would succumb to your pleasure, says the wrapper on a green candle.

curandero near me

I first heard of a curandera as a child in the small Mexican town where I was raised, Juchipila, Zacatecas. My grandmother, a small woman with a rugged face, had crosses all over her brick home, along with candles, pictures of her children and paintings of men and women wearing what looked like royal clothing.

I would hear my grandma talk about the trabajitos little jobs her curandera would do for her. She is. God is almighty. But she can help you, the curandera. It was the curandera, Fidelia Pineda, a short, stocky woman with long hair and thick glasses. She told me she had taken over the operation from her brother six years ago when he moved to Oregon.

She told me I have not kept in touch with my family back in Texas. Not a good thing, she said. Heard of a phone? She laid out a few more cards and asked if I had children. No, children, I said. Other cards said there was a person who was trying to control my life, and that I was often depressed--but that at the same time, I had so much energy.This line goes back further than I can trace. Since childhood I have had an inherent ability to communicate with the spirit world.

curandero near me

My journey began around the age of four or five when I started having prophetic dreams. I knew what was going to happen before the actual event took place but at this age it was hard for me to understand this "gift".

The gift of dreaming quickly expanded into seeing and hearing spirits. As a child I remember seeing a skeleton hand crawling up my bedroom curtains, being so young I wanted to play with it but it vanished. I remember seeing people standing in the room with me and having a conversation with them. It was a common occasion to hear my name being called when no one was around. For many years I couldn't control what was happening but after years of practice I learned to turn them off at will.

Years later, before I reached my teenage years I performed my first limpia spiritual cleansing under the guidance of an elder.

curandero near me

The experience was unforgettable and led me to devote all my time to learning as much as I could. From that time on I was taken under the wings of my elders and taught the use of herbs, spellwork, energies, and more.

I never thought of myself as a gifted child since I mostly felt out of place with children my own age. I thought it was the other children who were odd and my own experiences normal. After all, this way of life had been with me from the earliest time I could remember.

While they were out playing and doing things children normally do, I was studying, learning, and continually involved with the spirit world.

By this time I was set on the path of spiritual awareness that could not be denied. I knew this would be a big part of my life. I am devoted to helping those who seek my assistance. Today, I have a large following not only from people in my hometown but others that fly in from out of state or country who need assistance in some area of their lives. With considerable effort, I have made the attempt to bring this knowledge to others through the internet. My site is simple, but I hope it extends an opportunity for those that would not have this chance to see me in person or learn otherwise.At Martha's Yerberia on far east Harrisburg, Martha Cedilloalso 50, awaits clients while watching telenovelas on a TV that seems incongruous amid her mysterious wares.

Cedillo speaks no English, performs Tarot readings and believes in the spiritual, but she says she is first and foremost a businesswoman. Across the city, in the heart of new urban barrios that have transformed once stoutly yuppie southwest Houston, Mercedes Riosa year-old Santeria priestess of Puerto Rican and Cuban extraction, has tended her customers at Botanica Elegua on Bissonnet for 27 years.

Each of these folk healers and their shops reflect subtly different demographics of their neighborhoods as well as their own unique personalities. But all openly and profitably practice centuries-old traditions that are equal parts religion, medicine and spiritualism.

All employ the use of herbs, oils, prayers, candles and amulets. It is an art that successfully has been transplanted and kept alive by Houston's steady influx of new and increasingly diverse immigrants who bring their cultural ways and mores with them.

It's my reward. It's my way of giving thanks to God for his blessings," she says. Jose Luisof Nuevo Leon, wants a statue of St. Rosario's Mistic is lively with colors, sights and scents.

Religious artifacts, bright crystals, aromatic incense, scented oils, pungent herbs and exotic candles all vie for attention. She offers honey and cinnamon items for luck in love, lemon grass to help cure ulcers, passionflower for insomniacs and even a concoction to make men virile.

There are prayers to St.

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Lazarus, patron saint of the needy who is believed to have risen from the dead at the behest of Jesus and whose life-size statue presides over the shop from an alcove on one end. Some customers are people who can't afford doctors, don't know how to access medical facilities or are just wary of public institutions. In much of Latin America, people believe illness can be caused by mal de ojoor the evil eye, which is commonly treated with a ritual in which a raw egg is used to rub the sign of the cross on the afflicted.

Sustoor fright caused by negative spirits, sometimes is tackled by covering the patient with a sheet and sweeping over the body with a broom. That's why you go. You walk out, and you feel better," Rodriguez says.

Traditional remedies can and often do coexist with modern medical care. She draws a mix of immigrants and mainstream Mexican-Americans.A part of this legacy includes curanderismo, a healing practice founded upon faith, experience, and a knowledge of plants accumulated over the course of four centuries.

During the early Spanish colonial period —tribes of the Comanche Nation camped here, hunting wild game and planning raids on Spanish settlements on the western side of the mountains. Throughout the eighteenth century, the Mora Valley served as a gateway to the Great Plains for Hispanic ciboleros from the Santa Cruz and Taos districts, who went there to hunt buffalo, and comancheros, who conducted trading expeditions with the nomadic Native American tribes.

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Despite fertile land that offered excellent farming prospects, however, the Mora Valley remained unsettled until the nineteenth century because of fierce conflicts among the Spanish colonists, with their Pueblo Indian allies, and the Jicarilla Apache, Navajo, Ute, Comanche, and other tribes.

Following Spanish tradition, the settlers named their communities after patron saints, landmarks, or the surrounding landscape. By the end of the century, all of northeastern New Mexico was settled. The newcomers introduced farming on irrigated plots of land, raising small herds of livestock, and other traditions, including curanderismo, which is practiced today to some extent in New Mexico and southern Colorado by descendants of the first colonists.

At the lower end of the Mora Valley is Buena Vista, named for its panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and plains. Curanderismo includes four specialties, beginning with the yerbera herbalist and continuing with the partera midwifesobadora folk chiropractorand curandera espiritual spiritual healerwho uses prayer and ritual and is the least common of the curanderas.

Some practitioners have specialized in only one area, but all have made some use of herbal remedios remedies. Whatever the practice, most people refer to all of these folk healers as curanderas. Some men have also practiced as curanderos, sobadores, or spiritual healers, but traditionally these roles have been reserved for women. Gabrielita combined the specialties of yerbera, sobadora, and partera in her practice, but, because of her age, she now is primarily an herbalist and folk chiropractor.

Like most other curanderas, she believes that herbs and her healing abilities are, above all, gifts from God, yet like other curanderas, she also served as an apprentice to an older family member. During her childhood, Gabrielita assisted her grandmother and quickly learned to identify medicinal plants. She picked up curanderismo by helping her grandmother and closely observing the applications she prepared.

Gabrielita married at fifteen, learned the practice of massage from her father-in-law, and became a folk chiropractor. Over the years, she acquired enough knowledge about herbs to practice as an herbalist and, eventually, as a licensed midwife.

With her store of knowledge of folk healing, she was regarded as a curandera total. Whenever patients seek her help, Gabrielita talks with them, does a physical exam, counsels them, and prepares a remedy from the many herbs, roots, and plants she keeps at home. Sometimes, patients give her vegetables, chickens, meat, or other tokens of appreciation.

To stock her curandera kit, Gabrielita picks a few herbs growing close to her house; others she buys at drug and health-food stores; some are brought to her. When she was younger, she spent a lot of time in the fields gathering herbs. She began her harvest on August 12 of each year, as did her grandmother and other curanderas, who attended mass on that date and sometimes walked in a procession with the saints, praying that God would bless the herbs before picking.

During one of my visits, Gabrielita pulls out her curandera kit, filled with the twenty-three herbs and roots she most commonly uses. Coyaye snake broom is very good for women during childbirth and the change of life. Malvas mallow is good for sore throats and excellent in helping women with the afterbirth.

It is also good for the intestines, ulcers, and hemorrhoids. Cota Navajo or Hopi tea is excellent for the kidneys and urinary tract, and you can find it everywhere. It tastes better than coffee! She pulls out a large, flat stone and mano grinding stonethen chooses the herbs, roots, spices, and lubricants that go into her cure for mal aire bad wind or air. People with this condition experience headaches and sometimes vomit after exposure to cold air.

Gabrielita has found that ruda rue root and punche mexicano native tobacco relieve the problem. Placing rue root and tobacco leaves on the flat stone, she methodically pulverizes them with the mano. She adds ground cinnamon, nutmeg, and a dash of salt and grinds again.Click to Jump To Locations:. National Practitioner Locators National Organizations. Welcome To Shaman Links, visit our site at www.

Click on the state or country name to jump to the listing. This list is for your reference only, no recommendation is being made as to the quality of the shamanism organizations listed here nor as to the quality of the individual's shamanic healing practice listed here.

We are continually adding shamanic healers, so please check back if you don't see your state listed. For easy reference www. Sometimes a disused link will be directed to an unsavory site rest assured all sites were shamanic when we added them. If you see a mistake or a broken link please click here to contact us.

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Las Curanderas: Traditional Healers in New Mexico

Inclusion of your information is completely at the discretion of this website's owner. Jump to International Canada. Elena Skyhawk - Flagstaff, AZ. Eric Ashley - Flagstaff, AZ. Natural Healing - Phoenix, AZ. Josephine M. See California Region Map click Map upper right corner of the page. Nierica - Wakan, Dr.

Francisco E. Sarah Petruno - Arnold, CA 1. Elijah H. Barry J. Jennifer Hinton, M. Renna Shesso - Denver, CO. Catherine Steinberg - Guilford, CT. James Riverstone - Ridgefield, CT. Jimmy Mack - Clearwater, FL. Lisa Merritt - Miami, FL. Lawrence I. Hannah K.


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