Zebra pleco price

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Zebra pleco price

The zebra pleco Hypancistrus zebra is a species of catfish endemic to Brazil where it occurs in the Big Bend area of the Xingu Rivera tributary of the Amazon Riverand was first described in the early s.

This species grows to a length of 6. However, currently the Brazilian government bans the export of certain Hypancistrusincluding H. Due to this, the species has been classified as endangered and may soon become extinct in the wild. It is subject to several captive breeding programs.

zebra pleco price

Mature males have a larger head and longer interopercular spines than females. After spawning, the males will guard the eggs. The fry swim after seven days and absorb the yolk sac in two weeks.

Hypancistrus zebra is called L,L in terms of the L-numbering convention often applied to Loricariidae. Their diet should include small invertebrates such as chironomid -larva. It enjoys live, fresh and frozen bloodworm.

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This species should not be kept in the typical community aquarium, or with discus fishdespite advice to the contrary. These catfish thrive in biotopes with small dither fish which do not compete for food. The tank should mimic their natural environment with a substrate of small smooth gravel and pebbles with smooth boulders, cobbles and rocks forming caves and crevices.

It is an expensive specimen, due to the fact it is rarely available. It is a hard fish to keep, as it needs clear water and a fast moving current.

They are unable to survive in still water or dirty quarters. In the Zebra Pleco was added to IBAMA list of endangered species and was made illegal to export from Brazil, although this law is only present in Brazil and certain black market fish traders will smuggle them out of Brazil to then sell on legally in other countries.

How to Zebra Pleco - Part One The Basics!

As per most pleco, the male will trap the female into a cave where she will lay her eggs for the male to fertilise this is usually done at around a pH of 6. This process can take between days depending on the experience the female has in motherhood, the male will often bite the female to keep her in the cave, this is natural behaviour.

Once the eggs are fertilised, the female will leave the male will guard the eggs until they hatch and may even stay for early fry stage. Once born, the fry will have a yolk sack attached to their underbelly, this should be gone in a few days. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Zebra pleco Captive bred juvenile - Photo: M.

December version. Aquarium Owner's Guide. New York: DK Publishing. Retrieved 22 April Hidden categories: Articles with 'species' microformats Commons link is on Wikidata. Namespaces Article Talk.They include fish from the genera Ancistrus, Baryancistrus, Chaetostoma, Hypostomus, Leporacanthicus, Panaque, Peckoltia, Pseudancistrus and many others. Plecos are generally flattened with a large, round head and skinnier body.

The body is covered by hard plates and many have strong spines in their fins and even along the body. The mouths are on the underside of the fish and are used to rasp food from hard surfaces and to help the pleco maintain its position in the water flow. Plecos are commonly purchased by beginner and experienced aquarists alike as algae-eaters.

Most plecos actually dont eat algae or require other foods in their diet. The genera Ancistrus, Peckoltia and Otocinclus are a few common, smaller plecos that will help control algae without eating live plants. Many others are omnivores eat both plant matter and meaty foodscarnivores primarily eat meaty foods or scavengers eat whatever they can find.

Some plecos, notably those from the Panaque genus, even eat wood as part of their diet. Many plecos also get very large and their size as well as their waste production make them unsuitable for small aquariums.

As with any other tank residents, choose plecos carefully with respect to their size, behavior and diet. Howdy Friends! Please read our Shipping Schedule for details. Order a box of happiness Today! We're here to take loving care of your orders! Freshwater Tropical Fish — So much to see here! Blog Contact Us. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

Ok Privacy policy.Zebra Pleco L Hypancistrus. Brand new factory sealed! I have for sale l Basic RB line. Azsteel zebra pleco l46 hypancistrus funny. Only the 3 smaller ones are for sale. I value my feedback and it does speak for itself in the customer service i provide. Sims tropical fish - store now open seven days a.

They are all from different blood lines.

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Rare aquatics. This pair will come with food and cavesthese are not a starter fish and you will need to do your research before adding them to your aquarium. Bourjois health mix serum gel foundation dark bronze please see my other items.

A nice Zebra pleco L that I just purchased. A great looking item. Please e-mail any questions. Free shipping from Taunton. Hypancistrus l cm. Zebra pleco. Hi, this auction is for 1 x 3inch zebra plec. I have for sale L SW super whites pleco. Please contact us if you do not receive your item in working days. Looking for lo46 pleco for sale in the cr4 area note: photos are of my other group - though the fish in this group look similar.

Some superb examples of Hypancistrus species this does not affect the health of the pleco whatsoever, and they can live and breed as normal. That i can not be sure if this is genuine although it is exactly as the picture shows. Non slip rubber mouse mat rectangle mouse pads for. Collection only near whitechapel, london. Return shipping fee is the responsibility of buyer unless the return is a result of our mistake.

South Shields.Zebra Plecos Hypancistrus Zebra are one of the most stunning and sought-after fish in the aquarium hobby today.

Zebra pleco

In this article, learn more about why the current Zebra Pleco cost is often so high and other expenses required to keep this small Brazilian catfish species.

Zebra Plecos are available from many retailers online as well as private breeders. Local fish stores might not carry a fish this expensive unless a special order is placed. Zebra Plecos are readily available from established online retailers.

Buyers can expect a standardized level of fish quality and health when purchasing from a retailer. Most online retailers also offer significant discount or free shipping with purchases above a certain dollar amount.

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Zebra Plecos are offered by private breeders on various private sales trading platforms and forums. Often, dedicated breeders sell Zebra Plecos that are on par or better in quality than major online retail store offerings.

However, this varies by breeder so if you do decide to buy from private sellers, do some homework and dig through their post history. Some of these species can look very similar to the beginning keeper. Note on clarification about different types of Zebra Plecos — Plecotomus are classified by the L-number system developed in the late 80s. True Zebra Plecos are labeled L, while variations that carry different zebra patterns are L and L The Zebra Pleco is a dwarf catfish species with a maximum adult size of 3.

Purchasing younger fish 1 to 2 inches can often help ease the sticker shock a bit. It takes about three years for Zebra Plecos to grow to their full adult size and become ready to spawn breed. Adult male Zebra Plecos are bigger and bulkier than females with more pronounced facial and fin spine characteristics. Females are slimmer and lighter with more curve in their lower back region.

But it can be quite hard to tell the two genders apart until the fish are fully grown about 3 years. Buying adult fish is the best and most expensive way to be sure you are getting a pair for breeding purposes.

As restrictions on importing and exporting wild-caught Zebra Plecos continue to tighten and wild populations are steadily reduced, prices for these colorful fish are continually rising.

At certain times of the year, it is not uncommon to experience a waiting list to get one of these fish. Zebra Plecos are nocturnal fish that are notoriously shy. They prefer to stay partially hidden and do not fare well when housed with more aggressive species free-swimmers or bottom-dwellers. Some keepers prefer to keep Zebra Plecos apart from other fish in a dedicated tank. Keeping 4 to 6 fish in a 30 to gallon tank with optimal husbandry conditions is acceptable. Shipping cost varies, depending on your distance from the shipper.

For example, Discus Madness ships fish by zone. Shipping for orders of lesser amounts is calculated based on your ship-to location. Please note that most Zebra Plecos tend to do better in a single species tank. Faster fishes that reside on top and mid-water can outcompete Zebra Plecos for food. An adequately-sized aquarium is important for health since these fish require a well-oxygenated environment. Zebra Plecos require pristine water conditions and lots of holes and crevices to hide.

For one or two Zebra Plecos, a gallon tank is recommended at the minimum.Log in Register. Search titles only.

Plecos Plecostomus Algae Eaters

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Fish Fanatic. Joined Feb 4, Messages Reaction score 0. Abyss in Stockport had a few in about 6 weeks back Joined Jan 8, Messages Reaction score 0. They are notoriously hard to look after as well. They are even harder to breed as well. Hence the high price. I guess, I just didn't expect a whole 3 big ones to be looking at me in the face Here comes google TwoTankAmin Fish Aficionado.

Tue Jan 31, pm I have 12 F1 Zebra plecs available. They are around 1. Sun Mar 25, pm I have some well reared juveniles for sale 1" plus.Free Fish! Our Blog Aquarium Info. All of these pictures were taken by one of us of a fish here in our aquariums at AquariumFish. Highly recommended. Click on each picture to see bigger picture. These catfish grow to be about 4. They are hardy, energetic, and can live for several years with good care.

zebra pleco price

Click on each picture to see a bigger picture. This species grows to about 4. Scientific name: perhaps a Rineloricaria species. This may be a hybrid of two or more distinct species. We know that these fish are raised by very skillful fish farmers, and so are not wild fish. This fish can grow to be about 5" long. A very nice aquarium fish, which is mild tempered, hardy, and easy to breed.

But requires frequent partial water changes and does better with lots of water movement. Scientific name: A so-called L oricaria species. The exact genus and species is unknown to us. We've been told that L oricaria is being split, and perhaps this fish is Rineloricaria parva. This species grows to about 8" long, including their long tails, which is an ideal size for many aquariums.

This species grows to about 3. This species eats a lot of algae, and can be quarrelsome with other Plecos, but is not too aggressive. This is a very good and very pretty aquarium fish. Scientific name: Ancistrus species. This fish is sometimes given the species name temminckii, but scientists now believe temminckii is incorrect, and this species apparently does not yet have a valid scientific name. Click here to see several pictures. Many types of Plecostomus are nocturnal, but Rubbernose Plecos are often seen during the day energetically scavenging the bottom for bits of food.

These are wild fish collected by responsible collectors in Columbia. Maximum size: Grows to about 4", which is a nice size for most aquariums.

These are wild fish, collected by responsible collectors in Southern Brazil. Can grow to be at least 24" long and perhaps to 40" long. Can grows to be at least 24" long and perhaps to 40" long. Can grows to be at least 10" long. This is a wonderful aquarium fish, which can grow to be about 5" long, and as you can see, it's very beautiful.

It's also mild tempered, eats algae off live plants without damaging the plants, and it's very hardy.True Zebra Pleco Fish are extremely rare, and are farm-raised and imported directly from Indonesia.

Exotic Plecos

You will typically only see the Zebra Pleco at night, as they are nocturnal. Unlike other fish of this variety, this one does not like to chew on driftwood.

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It enjoys meaty foods such as high quality flake food, sinking carnivore pellets, and frozen or freeze-dried bloodworms, tubifex and brine shrimp, as well as sinking algae wafers. These are extremely limited, and all sales are final on this fish.

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No exceptions. Howdy Friends! Please read our Shipping Schedule for details. Order a box of happiness Today! We're here to take loving care of your orders! Freshwater Tropical Fish — So much to see here! Blog Contact Us. Add to Wishlist. Description Description Hypancistrus zebra True Zebra Pleco Fish are extremely rare, and are farm-raised and imported directly from Indonesia.

zebra pleco price

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